Since 2014 I have started my first journey to Ceramics in Bezalel. It is a journey that makes feeling like I have met an oasis in the wilderness at any moment while repeating the setting and down. Every day the spectacular changes of ceramics baked in an oven are exciting. At the end of my four year trip,

I am going to talk about something new with ceramics. Here are the fruits of love that ran along with my pottery.

This journey is not over yet. Still, a variety of expressions are waiting for me and I will make the unlimited natural beauty to the art world. 


2015 "The Secrets of Clay""

          The Rosenfeld Residence Haifa Israel

          October 20-22.

2016 "re: Koresh"

          Koresh 14 Jerusalem

         8-18  Februery


2017 "Looking"

          House of Benyamini Tel Aviv Israel

         18 May-1 July

2017 Award for Excellence on Studies

         Department of Ceramic and Glass Design in Bezalel Israel

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H : www.graceceramic.com

T : 972 (0)52-9579630

E : gracekimceramic@gmail.com

2018 by Kimhyejung


“Silence is the preferred sound of the Soul.

In the silence, stillness is heard – when this stillness speaks,

it is love that you hear."

The project is a personal interpretation of the Korean Mountain View "stillness", from which I draw the formal and black and white landscapes, and in fact construct a "beauty of orient" in which I combine variety Overlap Mountains and my creative world of circle. The depth and beauty of oriental ceramics and the longing to find the beauty of pure white have been linked to the theme of the final project.  


“Everything is expressed together in a round circle. 

All of this is one, harmonious, and united. 

Mountain scenery, endless ridges,

deep simplicity, silent cry, grandeur but stillness, 

Yes. Feel calm beauty in all of these.”